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Grandma/Grandpa Interview Journal
Grandma/Grandpa Interview Journal
Grandma/Grandpa Interview Journal

Grandma/Grandpa Interview Journal

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This keepsake gift book is a way to capture your grandparent's memories, from childhood joys and holiday traditions to life mottos and future wishes. Use the pages of this interview journal to record words, celebrate life, and create a priceless time capsule of your grandparent's love for the whole family to experience and enjoy.
Capture the moments and values that have shaped their life with the help of thoughtful prompts, such as:
- What are some family heirlooms or mementos you've kept, and why are they special to you?
- What do you miss most about being a kid? It could be a specific activity or perhaps a feeling you miss.
- In what ways do your children or grandchildren make you proud?
Ways to use:
- Ask the questions as an interview to create a unique bonding experience between grandchild and grandparent. You can even record audio or video clips of your conversation to make a truly special heirloom.
- Invite your grandparent to complete the book on their own so you can capture their words in their own handwriting.
The book is a wonderful gift to celebrate a birthday, Grandparents Day, or Mother's Day.

Dimensions: 7" (H) x 5.5" (W) x .5" (D)